The AI Protocol is the property rights backbone of the Generative AI Economy.

The AI Protocol enables decentralized ownership within the Generative AI Economy

It provides permissionless access to Generative AI Systems and allows creators and developers to leverage new models of monetization, user acquisition, interoperability, verification, crowdsourcing, governance, provenance, and more.

Features of AI Protocol Compatible Assets

Provable Ownership

Generative Capabilities


Data Sovereignty

AI Customization

Self-Executing Agency

Verified Provenance

On-Chain Personality

The AI Protocol unlocks the power of
Decentralized Interoperability

The AI Protocol enables interoperability of AI Assets across dApps built on it. This opens up entirely new ecosystems, services, and features for the owners of the AI Assets and provides developers with an existing and receptive audience for their dApps.

Monetization of Generative Outputs

Content Creation

Crowdsourced Creativity

Collaboration with other iNFTs

Build with us on the AI Protocol

The Al Protocol Institute is looking to support the development of dApps on the AI Protocol. We encourage you to apply for a developer grant and take the next step in your iNFT’s evolution.

The AI Protocol’s dApps are powered by iNFTs

An iNFT is an ERC-721 asset NFT that is fused with an ERC-721 Intelligence Pod using the AI Protocol.

iNFTs have the exclusive right to access the Intelligence Layer (which hosts CharacterGPT and other AI Systems) of the AI Protocol. The iNFT owners can not only access and customize the AI Systems using their iNFTs, but also integrate those AI Systems with their dApps.

iNFTs have exclusive access to the AI Protocol's Intelligence Layer. Intelligence Pods allow the flow of intelligence from the Intelligence Layer to the iNFT.

An intelligent Non-Fungible Token (iNFT).

Owning an iNFT is necessary to build dApps on the AI protocol. iNFTs allow the flow of Intelligence from the iNFTs to dApps.

dApps built on the AI Protocol provide AI Services to their users and rely on the iNFTs for their access to the Intelligence Layer. Each iNFT can power one dApp.

The AI Protocol utilizes the
Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) Utility Token

The ALI Utility Token is the native ERC-20 Utility Token of the AI Protocol and the decentralized applications built on it. The ALI Utility Token regulates, incentivizes, and rewards the various participants of the AI Protocol.

Enables the creation of iNFTs

Enables access to AI Systems like CharacterGPT

Enables governance of the AI Protocol

Enables transactions between iNFTs

Enables Intelligence Upgrades for iNFTs

Enables transactions within the AI Protocol

Join the growing network of iNFTs on the AI Protocol

Create and customize your iNFT’s personality, train the AI Systems in the Intelligence Layer, build dApps on the AI Protocol, offer unique AI Services, and unlock the full potential of the Generative AI revolution!

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