AI-Powered decentralized Applications

The AI Protocol unlocks the benefits of ownership for those seeking to build Generative AI Applications. Besides the AI Systems in its Intelligence Layer, the AI Protocol offers a suite of tools for anyone looking to build AI-powered dApps: no code smart contracts deployment, gasless transactions, multi-blockchain compatibility, non-custodial wallet creation, in-app tokens to credit conversions, and much more.

Dynamic dApps that are Intelligent, Interactive, and Interoperable.

The AI Protocol is a thriving and interoperable ecosystem of users and AI Assets that is constantly evolving and expanding, offering developers a unique and exciting protocol to build on. Developers can explore the full potential of AI to create innovative and powerful decentralized applications that will drive the future of technology.

The possibilities for developing on the AI Protocol are as expansive as the use cases and applications of artificial intelligence. dApps can access the Intelligence Layer and CharacterGPT to create interactive AI Characters, AI Assets, AI content, datasets, and experiences.

Featured dApps

The Intelligent Metaverse for iNFTs

Noah’s Ark is the world’s first Intelligent Metaverse by Alethea AI on the AI Protocol. It allows for user-friendly interaction with the protocol, making it easy to create Intelligent NFTs (iNFTs). It also enables AI Media Generation, Intelligence Upgrades and access to AI Services.

Build with us on the AI Protocol

The Al Protocol Institute is looking to support the development of dApps on the AI Protocol. We encourage you to apply for a developer grant and develop alongside Alethea AI.