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Using deep learning technology we are able to create human-like faces and voices. This allows us, and any creator on our marketplace, to create a unique digital character. We call them AI characters.

Synthetic media is simply images, videos, and audio that is created using deep learning technology. Synthetic media can not only be a video of an AI character but also an AI-generated video of a real person.

Alethea AI manages the Alethea Marketplace, which connects creators, or individuals that create and animate AI characters and synthetic media, with buyers.

At the moment, buyers can select any AI character they want and request a video featuring the character. At a later stage of the marketplace, buyers will also be able to request an AI video of real public personalities that have agreed to a limited use of their face and voice to create personalized content for their supporters/fans.

Currently, you can pay with the Debit or Credit card of your choice. We will soon also enable purchase via cryptocurrencies as well as we prepare to roll out Non-Fungible Tokens for AI characters.

Please send us an email at info@alethea.ai. A team member will be in touch ASAP.

You can always contact the creator that is making the video for you and ask for modifications. If the creator has not made your video yet, they will update your order accordingly.

We aim to have every order fulfilled within 24-72 hours. Some creators may deliver videos within a couple of hours depending on the volume of requests.

Yes! Once you a creator has made your video, you will be notified and be able to download your video on your device. You have a non-commercial and personal license to use it forever, subject to the marketplaceā€™s Terms of Service.

Please follow this link to become a creator: https://aletheacreate.typeform.com/to/yZhjPw