Create The Future Of Memes with us

Take the first step towards creating AI-generated Memes by joining Alethea AI’s Meme Pool!

Please use a compatible mobile web3 browser or visit on desktop

Make sure you have the Rinkeby testnet selected on Metamask!

Step 1

Stake your DAI

By staking your DAI into Alethea AI’s Meme Pool, you will be able to decide which AI-generated Meme (out of 2 options) we should create next!

For each DAI that you will stake, you will get 1 Test ALE Token every 24 hours as a reward.

Your staked DAI generates interest (through the Compound Protocol) that supports Alethea AI. At the end of the staking period (24 hours), if you don’t want to continue receiving rewards, you can unstake your DAI back in full.

Alethea AI's Meme Pool:


Make sure you have the Rinkeby testnet selected on Metamask!

Step 2

Pick which meme we should create next

Meme: Master CZ Part 2

(Featuring Binance's Changpeng Zhao)

Meme: Brian Luthor

(Brian Armstrong Face Swapped with Lex Luthor)

You can only vote once, so choose wisely! Alethea AI will publish the most voted meme.

Step 3

Congratulations! You Have Received


Your first Meme Pool reward:


Please add the following contract address to see the TALE Tokens in your wallet:


We hope you remain in our Meme Pool as we unveil new Meme options. We will release the most voted Meme for this round shortly!

As long as your DAI are staked, you will continue to receive a reward of loading TALE Tokens every 24 hours. For more details, click on the button below:

2nd Round Winner Announced!

Next Round Starting Soon

"Master CZ Part 2" will soon be released by Alethea AI

Alethea AI's Meme Pool:


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