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Alethea AI is the world’s first decentralized synthetic media marketplace, that lets anyone create and monetize AI-generated media in a trusted environment.
Introducing: Meme Pools
Every creator on our platform has a Meme Pool that you can join by staking DAI. The interest generated from the staked DAI supports the creator, while you enjoy exclusive staking rewards. After you unstake, you get all of your DAI back. So join a Meme Pool and take the first step towards creating AI-generated Memes!
Enterprises: Scale your Reach
People’s faces and voices are now composable due to advances in AI. Brands that effectively leverage this new whitespace will emerge as winners. Get in touch and an Alethea AI representative will be in contact.
Featured Creators
Alethea AI
Alethea AI aims to publish media that raises awareness of the technical capacities and creative potential of AI
The Apologia Project aims to use the power of satirical AI-generated media to create awareness about the climate emergency.
The Alethea [ALE] token

The ALE token is a multi-utility crypto token that serves the needs of the Alethea AI ecosystem by enabling trustless and decentralized coordination between various entities. As we unlock the creative potential of AI, the ALE token will play a critical role in bringing together a global community that will build the world’s most trusted synthetic media platform.

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Alethea AI launches Meme Pools

Alethea AI users can now sponsor their favorite Synthetic (AI-generated) media creators at no loss.

Can the Blockchain bring Order to the Synthetic Media Revolution?

Despite its shortcomings, the World Economic Forum has laudably established itself as an important venue for highlighting controversial technology trends that will have broad impacts on our world.

Upcoming Tech Features


Blockchain-powered verification of the use of your likeness


Use your own models or rent other model to create synthetic art


Authorize the use of your models across various media campaigns


Create media with your models speaking various languages with accurate lip movements