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Winner Binance Lab Game Oasis Hackathon

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Winner Binance Lab Game Oasis Hackathon

Immerse Yourself In Your Favorite Media

Alethea AI enables you to edit existing media or create entirely new ones.

Your days of passive media consumption are over.

Ever wondered how you will look in your favorite movie scene?
Always wanted to be in your favorite music video?
Would you like to do the moonwalk?

We are looking for volunteers who would like to be featured in their favorite media:

Unlock The Creative Potential Of AI

On January 17th, 2020 Alethea AI will launch the Apologia Project – initiated by a non-profit in one of the world’s leading victims of climate change: Pakistan. Over the next few months, the Apologia Project will release Alethea AI-generated satirical videos that will act as unsettling reminders to influential personalities about their responsibility to address the climate emergency.

Alethea AI will let you support the projects that you feel passionate about, and create new projects of your own.

Digital Rights Management

After your “likeness” is digitized and easily replicable, you will be able to massively scale your reach. Imagine connecting with each one of your subscribers or followers and leaving them personalized messages – enhancing your virality and influence. The benevolent use cases are endless, however, the digital rights infrastructure is nascent. We believe no government or corporation should own any human’s identity.

The Peloton Girls’ face was instantly recognizable in the Gin advertisement. Synthetic Media will unlock a new asset class – our faces and voices will be rented, modified, and repurposed.

Discover A Trusted Synthetic Media Network

Alethea AI is building the digital rights management tools and infrastructure that will ensure that you own the rights to your digital identity and likeness. All synthetic media that you will create or consume within our network, will be permissioned and trustworthy.

Our native utility token opens up new creative possibilities for our community members: to collaborate and bring life to new projects, crowdfund the creation of new brands and models, participate in the evolution of their favorite media, interact with synthetic personalities, and much more.

Ownership of IP

Permissioned Synthesis of Media

Tokenized Incentives and Collaboration

Inoculation Through Creation

While synthetic media holds immense potential to enrich our creativity, it is also being used for malicious purposes.

At Alethea AI we believe the first step towards protecting people from malicious deepfakes is to ensure they are well aware of the possibilities of synthetic media and that they have developed healthy reflexes at detecting them.

Alethea AI is planning to partner with artists and organizations that seek to advance the awareness about deepfakes via illustrating the technology’s capabilities in a safe and benign manner. 

Fake or Not

 We will also be releasing a mobile app “Fake or Not” that will gamify the detection of deepfakes and in the process inoculate its users.  

Create Trusted Synthetic Media

We invite you to create a new type of media.

Become a virtual influencer.
Be in a million places at once.
Speak a hundred languages.
Actualize your true potential.
Discover a new identity.